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IMLIL is a little town nestled in the Mountain Range of the High Atlas. It is the nearest town to the highest peak in the area, the Toubkal, and consequently the place to start the trek to the Louis Neltner refuge.

The Netlner refuge is the ideal place to attack the top of the Toubkal (4.165 mts.) as well as many other four thousand meter peaks, such as the Rash, the Timesguida or the Evenness Ouanokrim.

Local people here lead a very basic, simple life. It is primarily based on agriculture and cattle, and of course commercial trade which is common in almost all of Morocco.

Transportation in these mountain areas would be almost impossible without mules. They transport almost everything: food, rucksacks, water, people... and they go across all the narrow paths, quarries and canyons of this amazing mountain range.

Hassan and his family live in the small village of Imlil, the so-called M'zikene (M'zik); he is a very honest, simple and pleasant person as are most Berbers.

He is a mountain guide (he actually has an official title) and, as such and because he has always lived here, he knows the area to perfection. He will arrange and coordinate your visit, including: arrival to and accommodation in Marrakech, transportation to Imlil, and all the details of your itinerary such as: guided hikes, mules, food (cooked by a local Berber), transport of your bags from Imlil throughout your trip, as well as accommodation (you can choose whether to sleep in the refuge or in the so called “jaimas”, i.e. tents that will be placed outside the refuge).

His motto is simple well: "they see and we speak". So the better thing is to call him by telephone and to tell him what you want to make, or send a E-Mail with the itineraries that you have well-considered and that he advises you. It belongs neither to any agency of adventures nor anything for the style. He is an individual in whom you can deposit your confidence, since we did. In fact, this Web is a gift that we have wanted to do to him as gratefulness to a trip that, thanks to him and to his recommendations, to the reception in his house and the excellent treatment that gave us, has left us a few intense desire of returning to know more of this beautiful country and especially, of his peoples.

As soon as you are there, you will see that everything flows according to the form of Moroccan life; the hurries are ended, the mind relaxes, and across a distended conversation, amenizada according to the good local customs with an exquisite tea, or two, or three ... (remember, already there is no hurry) you speaks on the details of the trip.


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